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I am not a 10x engineer, maybe 1.0x ? :-) Nevertheless I have been enjoying mentoring via the Coding Coach and Exercism.io platforms and I have a dozen regular mentees and growing interest. I have found that short messages (slack) doesn’t work so well and email with full code sandbox/gh is better, but really the more efficient use of my time and the mentees is connecting for a 30 min - 1 hour screen share. This of course does not scale so well and I find myself sending similar follow up emails with resources and going over similar topics with each person. Some mentees have voiced idea to hire me for tutoring once they have extra funds, or that I should launch video series with short 5 mins videos.

WIP, but current thoughts are:

  • Leverage Patreon’s platform to reach more interested folks and take care of updating everyone
  • Meet my audience where some already are, instead of another auth to save/page to bookmark.
  • Gauge interest/priority for building small pieces with goal of assembling a larger app, and build these for 30 min session before an open “office hours” session. Via twitch or hangouts or zoom
  • Come together as a small community and work on problems together, thinking a standing “office hours” like Wednesday nights 8-9 every week or something like that.
  • Invite colleagues and veterans to drop in and school us/ host a session
  • Maybe Slack or other - Would be invite for established/active members to cut down on the 1 off person who pings 100 times in a row on every platform I’ve ever signed up for to then ghost later. Basically gotta cut down on energy vampires.
  • Offer donation/paid tiers for anyone so inclined because time

    1. Reinvest in the community - Currently I sponsor https://codenation.org/ and https://exercism.io/
    2. Get a mic? and then get over myself and record some short videos?
    3. Entice 10x engineers to host an office hours maybe by leveraging power of stickers(tbd)
    4. Use funds to donate to Mark to keep the meme production in high gear? Entice him to join us for a session about design https://www.patreon.com/markdalgleish/posts
    5. IRL hang in NYC for anyone to join? w/food.

I have found some recurring themes with sessions and I plan to generate content and facilitate discussions around these as a starting point.

  • CSS
  • JavaScript Built In Functions
  • Resume Feedback
  • Interview Tips
  • Folder Structure within apps
  • Job Search Tips * React Hooks - useEffect, useReducer,

Patreon Poll for office hours : https://www.patreon.com/posts/hello-strange-35562267

Mailchimp: http://eepurl.com/gYyJb5

Thanks for your time, Happy Coding!

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