A Week Aboard the Jeanneau 64

New plan: Acquire Jeanneau – sail away


Hacking a Car

WAKE UP – New Language

Pine64 + – Lollipop OS Install and Launch

The Pine 64 is here. I separately  purchased a Sandisk 64 gb Micro SD. To load and boot I used Phoenix Card and the Android Lollipop image, both from the Acorn Wiki . In Phoenix Card I selected “Startup!” instead of “Product” or “Burn Key”. It paused for a few moments halfway through writing and then finished off successfully. I used an android phone cable to a USB wall charge plugged into a power strip. I saw a tip about leaving the keyboard and mouse unplugged for initial boot. So did that as well.

First boot left me on the Pine 64 screen. (expected). Let it sit for 5 minutes or so. Then booted again and it’s been running great. Updated Google Play and then installed and ran netflix as a test. High quality video. I did all of this from the wifi. Good download speeds, upload was not great, via speedtest app.



The History of Navigation


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