Level up your CSS

How to improve your css skills… simple, just build a hundred projects. (Do something for 10,000 hours to become world class at it right?)

Well not quite. I mean yes definitely have to build things and practice to improve, but It’s tempting to spin up another repo and get going on starting a project where you plan to use new styles ‘This time Emotion!” or “Yay Tailwind!” and while that time spent setting up feels productive and the promise of something new from a blank slate is alluring, I’d argue that it would be a more effective use of your time to head over to code pen and make a sweet button or a Tesla Truck from a single div. Take one piece and focus on that and look at examples and use the dev tools to inspect elements on a site where you envy the styling and then use those styles to build knock offs and expand your styles for a form or a header etc.

Take the larger goal and then break that into pieces. By pulling out one piece and focusing on improving that one piece you can get closer to closing “The Gap” between your current css skills and where you want to get to. Soon you’ll be spinning up nasty buttons in your sleep.

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