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Thinking this morning about all the options / paths to building for the web, and the differing opinions / preferences / discussions always taking place online about why to use Y over X. And went looking for and revisited a great post written last year on SPA fatigue - “Second-guessing the modern web” by Tom MacWright

Surfacing this again as a reminder for myself and reflecting on this post and keeping this front and center as I think of the web with my React colored glasses. Of course developer experience is an important consideration 100%, but then when we get into the weeds of performance optimizations and beyond not instantiating a new object on every render of React and wrapping every component in memo / using PureComponents, we can look outside our literal “framework” and leverage that clutch html and cdns and score those wins for speed and UX.

Keep it simple future reader! YAGNI !

The original post by Tom here:


and in the notes of that post are some great followups to read as well


Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

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