Born and raised in Mountain View, CA (Before google took over the town), I went to html summer camps at Stanford as a kid and I have always been messing around on computers. I attended college in San Francisco, and was tweaking websites for friends and landing pages for different social networks. After college I moved to NYC to be closer to family. I soon found a job with a design firm and absorbed more and more of their IT and accounting workload, enabling the firm to let go of IT contracts and consolidate the firm's backend needs.

In 2015, I was getting tired of consuming so many faulty websites and apps and kept seeing the limitations of the app or places where I wanted to tweak the app. Some times a small part of the design or other times want to add more robust features or want to even totally redo the app entirely. I wanted to really start creating and contributing, so I started to take MOOC's and follow various tutorials working mainly with Python and Ruby, building various projects, a sandwich tracker and some other small projects, but the magic was hidden behind gems and I wanted to really get into the nitty gritty, end of 2016 decided to take a bigger step, kick this thing into gear for real.

I enrolled and worked through a javascript bootcamp program where I was paired with a senior developer(10+years experience) as a mentor to work on the MERN stack. After completing the curriculum I have built a half dozen SPA platforms that are currently in production. And joined some like minded folks as a technical cofounder of a sustainabilty focused investing app which we took through Startup School at Y Combinator.

When I'm not javascripting away or expanding my knowledge of Golang, you can find me rescuing animals with Unwanted NYC Pets, and cycling or running around NYC. To be honest I don't particularly enjoy writing own bios much. If you got this far I'll take you out for Banh Mi or a beer or who knows, heck I'll even help you move apartments if you need it. Hit me up !

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