‎”I’ve never been very fond of the summer, but there are things about it that I miss. Most of them are things you never think twice about until they’re gone—things like the sound of cicadas singing as the sun sets or frogs croaking at twilight. Sometimes the memory of those things feels like a hook caught in my heart. I miss them so much that it causes literal pain, as if I’m going through withdrawal symptoms. I miss the smell of honeysuckle, the sound of thunder, and the feel of wind coming through the car window on a late-night ride

I would dearly love to go on a long, winding car ride today. The sun would burn me to a crisp, but it would be worth it to feel the wind. I wouldn’t mind going on a car trip from one coast to the other, sleeping in cheap motels, not heading towards any particular destination, just exploring, looking for places most people don’t even know exist. I just want to move. I think I take after my father in that regard. He was a man who never stayed in one place for long. I think he probably spent more time on the road than in a house. I’m much more a creature of habit and prefer to burrow in for long periods of time, but every so often I feel the way I do today. It’s almost like starving, only I need a new source of stimulus and energy instead of food. That’s what I long for more than anything—the taste of a new energy.”

-Damien Echols, April 11, 2011


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