Why no one like’s “Gothamist” (OR YOUR BELLY PICS)

I wonder why only one person “likes” Gothamist’s activity today? Why are there never discussions on their page? Never more than the random 2 comments on a post?

Maybe it’s because everyone has hidden them since they publish every single article to every single social media outlet possible every 30 seconds?

They can get away with this on their Twitter account and keep their almost 30K followers, since the nature of twitter is a constant update of information and people can skim the 140 character blurbs without feeling bombarded.  Although with all the other news accounts on twitter I am getting close to unfollowing since they don’t seem to pick and choose the headlines and just publish every single rinky dink story. Same with breakingSFnews.  Space out the posts a little people. Keep us engaged. If you get us to “bite” on a headline and follow the link in your tweet to your site, then hopefully you have the layout and content to keep us there poking around for a while? Into smaller stories?  (before closing that new tab and returning to our gmail, facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc   —>  standard base tabs).

But on facebook you are taking up precious newsfeed space. With all the content out there to “like” on facebook, you will quickly lose your readership on facebook by overpowering the newsfeed. For me this is extremely true for newlyweds or expecting parents. I will hide you until your wedding has passed or your little cutie pie baby “Jack or Jane” has reached an age where you don’t post pics and updates every 30 seconds. I do not want to see a constant update of the sonogram or pregger belly pics every day. These are friends I am talking about. People I have known for years and care deeply about and I hide them to preserve my sanity since it’s just a repeating record of posting basically the same content from these folks. Same goes for overeager overposting Corporate “Fan Pages” on Facebook.

If I can “hide” lifelong friends on facebook for posting every 6 hours. You better believe I will hide or “unlike” pages such as Gothamist in the blink of an eye, for posting every 5 minutes.  Take your DLRV.IT and remove facebook from it. I mean seriously Gothamist. Facebook is first a way to check in on your friends and second a way to see content relevant to your interests. If you post every single item ever published on your site and bombard facebook with every single one of these penny stories, you are losing/and will lose readership. (namely mine)


(this is an opinion piece – no facts – just my opinion)


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